Monday, April 21, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness, Spring Break Style

I loooove random acts of kindness!  Katie and I had a great time doing them for my 32nd birthday.
Nothing makes it more fun than when the kids join in!  We decided over spring break we wanted to try to get at least one random act of kindness in everyday.  We weren't able to do all we wanted but it was still super fun and a good reminder that we need to try harder to incorporate this into our lives on a more regular basis.

We taped a bag of microwave popcorn up at the RedBox in town.

We took some coffee to the fire dept.

Gave a bag of candy to some city workers who were repairing the street.  I love that Kelton had no reservations to hop out of the van and give it to them.

Dropped off pudding cups for some little friends who had their tonsils out and needed soft yummy foods.

Coloring books and crayons to leave in the Dr's office.

We took donuts to our Veterinarian's office.  They were so kind when we had to put Jasmine down, so it was something we should have done long ago.

I made a goodie bag of allergy friendly treats for a boy from church who has developed a severe nut allergy.  My kids don't know eating any differently than they do, but I can't imagine being 16 and having to completely alter your lifestyle.

Even though the week ended before we got in all our random acts of kindness, the kids had lots of fun thinking up different ideas.  This will be a great activity to extend into summer!

You can find great little printable cards HERE and HERE for random acts of kindness.  I always have some of these in my purse for the when opportunity arises!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Like mother, like daughter...

Katie has been begging for over a year to get her hair cut.  I really love her long hair, but was definitely willing to let her have a style that made maintenance a bit easier for her to handle on her own.  Daddy was harder to convince, but we finally did!  So over spring break, she got her first big cut!

I have to say I was a little nervous and started to tear up a little after that first cut.  Not because she was would have short hair but because she is clearly growing up faster than I'd prefer.

We took one last picture before we left the house.

We decided long before that we didn't want to waste her hair, we would need to cut at least 8 inches to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  I donated my hair to Pantene in 2012 and to Locks of Love in 2006.  Just like I did with myself, I obsessively measured Katie's hair over and over, trying to see how short it was going to be.  Katie certainly didn't care and would have been happy with a super short bob if we'd have agreed.

Right before the first cut, we asked if she was ready and she definitely was!

Her new cut seriously looked cuter than I ever could have imagined!  It really fit her spunky little personality, but it did make her look so much older!  :sob!:

As if the new hair style wasn't enough to tug at my heart strings, we had promised this little princess she could get her ears pierced after her 6th bday.  To be perfectly honest, we didn't really think she'd go through with it.

We didn't want to get them done in the mall with a little plastic gun by a quickly trained teenager.  In Kansas, piercers in piercing and tattoo shops cannot pierce children under 15 even with parents permission.  We were excited to find out that in Oklahoma, all you need is the child's birth certificate and the parent's ID.  We had planned a trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium anyway.  Perfect!

I spent the next few days explaining to Katie exactly how they would pierce her at a time, with a needle.  To my surprise, it didn't phase her.   Just like the haircut, I'm pretty sure I was twice as nervous as she was.

There were a few tears after the first ear, no tears after the second ear and she was all smiles by the time we got out to the van.

Man, I feel like may baby is gone but such a fun, outgoing, gorgeous little girl has taken her place.  My heart is bursting.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Slainte! St. Patrick's Day 2014

For the past few years, St. Patrick's Day has been over spring break, so the week before I made sure to drop of little gifts for the secretaries and made fun little treats for the kids classes.

I also found some time to make some decorations with some scrap wood and my cricut.  The Irish one was for my mom and the LUCKY letters were for Eric's mom.

On the 15th, Kelton and I ran our first 5K of the year.  I ran with my friend, Stephanie, again.  This race last year was her first 5K ever. She bettered her time by almost 2 min!

That afternoon, I did my mom's nails for her.  I was so happy with how they came out!  Look at that shamrock!

Eric and I were able to go out to lunch and do a little shopping on the 16th.  We always go out to eat at Carlos O'Kelly's since that's where we all ate after our wedding.

St Patrick's Day was Irish Soda Bread, green milk, green eggs and of course, Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Anyone who knows me, knows it's not really a holiday without matching jammies!  I was so thrilled to find St.Patrick's ones for this year!

Already counting the days until next year!!

Winter Jam 2014

Last year, I was one of the leaders that took some high school youth from church to Winter Jam, a concert full of lots of different Christian artists.  It was super fun and I wished Kelton was with me the whole time.  This year, we didn't get it organized to take the kids from church, so I ordered preseating tickets for Kelton and I.  We got to go in first (instead of standing in the freezing rain) and pick our seat.  We couldn't believe it when we went right to the floor and got a seat in the third row!  We had so much fun and got to see our favorite artist and former American Idol, Colton Dixon!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Twigtale Books Review and Giveaway

A twigtale book was provided for me to personalize for my review.  
See full disclosure below.

Twigtale books are personalized stories that focus on helping children through new transitions such as moving, new siblings, potty training, etc.  There are also titles available for anytime that help with identity and promote self-esteem.  Twigtale books are written by child development experts and easy for parents to personalize to create a one of a kind book to really draw their child's interest.

I have to admit that I felt a little intimidated when first browsing the examples of different books.  The wording was great, but how was I going to decide on pictures and text!?  Thankfully, Twigtale makes it so easy!

For each photo, there is a suggestion on why type of photo is needed.  When you enter your child's name and gender, Twigtale automatically personalizes the text.  Beyond that, it's your choice whether or not to change little bits of text to further personalize your book.  I honestly felt very few edits were needed.

Since photo suggestions were given for each page, it makes it super easy to snap any pictures you might need before starting your book.  Once you have the photos, the book goes together super fast and after ordering, mine arrived in less than a week!

How exciting it was for Konnor to have a book all about him with his pictures even!  We choose Konnor Goes To Sleep.  A book about going to bed AND staying in bed.  We fight a constant battle with this guy and refusing to go to sleep after we put him down!  Hopefully reading this book every night will help encourage him to actually go to sleep instead of play.

I wish I would have know about Twigtale when we were dealing with Jasmine's death or for Katie when Konnor was born.  Of course, there are tons of books available that deal with these types of issues but it's the personalization of Twigtale books that makes them so much better!

Right now my readers can order a Twigtale book for 10% off using code TWIG10 until 6/30/14.

In addition to being able to order at a discount, you have a chance to win a book of your choice also (shipping not included).  Use rafflecopter below to enter and don't forget to check out Twigtale on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Disclosure: I was able to personalize a complimentary Twigtale book for my review.  All opinions expressed here are my own and may differ from other's experience.

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