Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goodies, Gastro and Acceptance

A great friend that Katie shares a bday with did a little dairy & wheat free shopping for us. This awesome box arrived in the mail earlier this week and it was full of baking mixes and snacks. All safe for our little Bugs. It's so awesome to have friends lift you up when you just feel like you can't take anymore. Thanks so much, Trisha.

My favorite things were the Healthy Times snacks. I had been searching and searching for safe teething biscuits and never found any. I was so excited to give her one and she loved it!

We saw Katie's gastro again on Wednesday. She felt like we weren't seeing enough improvement, especially considering we're using the prevacid 2x/day. She's going to do an egd and a flex sig. She'll be looking for what might be causing the reflux and take some biopsies to test for allergies. I thought I'd be way more excited at the prospect of answers, but instead I'm freaking out a little, that's my baby! We're scheduled on 3/25. She'll be npo for 6 hours before which will be tough, but I was happy to hear she can nurse up to four hours before. This gastro seems really supportive of me continuing to nurse, which I'm very thankful for. All of this comes at just the right time because I discovered yesterday that Katie has lost weight again, 6oz since last month. I specifically weigh her at my mom's office on the same scale every month so that I know it's consistent. It really stresses me out when this happens.

Lastly, I just realized that when I posted about Katie's birthday, it never entered my mind about how she was born. While I was pregnant, I really struggled with the impending birth. I wanted a VBAC, but in the end, scheduled a section on my due date so that I could be able to have a special nurse by my side. I knew I could guarantee the best experience possible by scheduling for 2/22, but had I waited, the outcome would have been up in the air. I really feel like I made the right decision and was very lucky to have the support of a great husband and wonderful friend. I'll probably always long for a vbac...I guess there's always next time, if there is a next time. :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Fun!!

Dairy, wheat and egg free cake turned out awesome. Katie loved it...especially the frosting. I spent 1/2 the night Saturday night working on her video. Definitely a tear jerker. We had such a good time and seriously cannot believe our little screamer is a whole year old. This past year has really taught us a lesson or two in patience and tolerance.

Katie is still eating corn with no issues and the big news...we tried eggs last night with great success! YEA! My ultimate prayer is that we can say the same for wheat some day. Dairy free isn't all that hard, but wheat is a bugger.

Gastro appt is tomorrow.

Now for pictures!!



Daddy's cleaning me up!!

Kelton made Katie a ladybug bunny at Build A Bear and was super excited to give it to her.

We all must have been exhausted after the busy weekend, because we accidently slept through our alarms on Monday morning and were all still in bed at almost 7am!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Exactly One Year Ago

I can't imagine why I'm STILL having trouble getting my abs back.

We really had no idea what we were in for...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's like a squirt gun.

Katie's reflux.

This afternoon she was sitting on my lap and I heard the little burp sound she makes, it sounds kind of little bubble popping, and then she spit up. It shot straight out, just a small amount, like a squirt gun.

She doesn't actually bring something up every time, but she makes the sound a lot. For awhile, this hadn't been happening, not even the sound. It's frustrating for sure. I don't think it's food related right now, it's just the damn reflux. Thank goodness we see the gastro on Feb 25th. Eric is coming with this time and we want to hear something more than she'll grow out of it. We've been hearing that since she was 6wks old.

The plague infected the fam over valentine's weekend. The kids had it most of the week. Big E and I got it just in time for the weekend. The kids are finally eating again, but Eric and I are headed down that road very slowly.

Daddy and Katie take vapor baths together.

Awhile back, through a blog I follow, I happened upon another family's blog, they don't even live that far from us. Their sweet baby girl, Cora, who is not much younger than my dear Katie had been diagnosed with cancer. Not even a month after the diagnosis, Jesus took her home. Tears spring to my eyes as I write this because I cannot even being to fathom their pain. Sometimes life seems just immeasurably cruel. They're going to build a playground in her memory. Go. Shop. Help them heal.

Pray for this family.

Hug your babies, husbands, wives.

Love each other. Every day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lots of excitement!

Obviously we've had some agony over what Katie can and can't eat. Saturday, we went out shopping. One of our stops was at a lovely health food store recommended by a sweet friend. We found all kinds of goodies, including wheat and dairy free cookies. Katie had her FIRST cookie that evening and it was a big hit!

Next stop was Babies R Us. Miss Katie saw this dress and just had to have it. I, of course, couldn't tell her no. We also got some more of her cereal. I keep forgetting to rave about this stuff. It's awesome. Check it out.

I seriously cannot believe I've kept her in her infant car seat this long. I think it's because she finally learned to be content in it and I can carry a lot more stuff with her seat hooked on my arm rather than her bottom propped on my hip.

I've always loved the Evenflo Triumph for Kelton and his old one has several years left in it. After some deliberation, we decided on a 2nd triumph because we like to have seats in both vehicles. Evenflo has improved the triumph since Kelton was little. It now rear faces to 35lbs and forward faces to 50lbs. Since it's much safer to keep children in a 5 point harness, I know we'll get the full use out of these seats.

Lastly, I've been busy working on Katie's bday invitations. I really like the way they have turned out. I had a little help from a message board friend with the wording. Every time I read it, I want to cry. Time sure does fly...

Friday, February 6, 2009


HUGE box arrived today. Last weekend, I ordered 12 boxes of Katie's rice crackers. I was starting to feel nervous that we were going to run out before they arrived because I never got a shipping confirmation email and I ordered them off some random site. Sure relieved when they came today!!

I've been trying to focus on what Katie can eat rather than what she can't. It's not a bad list so far: chicken, beef, turkey, rice, potatoes, pinto beans, white beans, carrots, avocado, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, celery, onions, pears, apples, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, mango, bananas, cherries. I think that's everything she's eaten without a problem.

We were worried about corn, but when we really got to thinking about it and comparing to other foods that have given us a problem, it more appeared wheat was the issue. It seems no all wheat products bother her, but that after a certain amount the spit up and screaming starts. We tried corn last night to see what would happen and so far so good. She had some again for lunch today and we'll have more tomorrow, but it looks like corn is safe after all! WHOO HOO!! We're going to try eggs after her bday, then strawberries, then wheat again and finally dairy. It's going to be really slow going, but I am very hopeful that in the end she will be able to eat without worry of a reaction.

As far as the birthday cake goes, a few friends came to my rescue. A dear friend went shopping for me in hippie heaven, another pointed out some mixes that fit our needs perfectly, one offered recipes, and another clued me in on where I might shop in town. I appreciate their help so much. Eric and I know this has been a long hard road and we figure everyone gets as sick of hearing about it as we are of dealing with it.

Finished up the quilt and got it mailed to cousin.

Made some simple valentines to send out our family pictures in. They're nothing as awesome as what Eric's brother's wife makes, but I really don't have the patience for anything more elaborate.

Can't wait to get started on Katie's bday invites!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Intimidated and Angry

I really want Katie to have a cake for her birthday. Cherrybrook Kitchens makes lots of products for people with food allergies. However, the only cake mix that is wheat and dairy free is chocolate. Chocolate is a known reflux trigger, so I just don't feel like it'd be wise to feed it to her.

I've been googling and there are tons of recipes so I can make my own cake for her from scratch. Only, I'm a little intimidated by all the ingredients; sorghum flour, potato starch, and tapioca starch. Really? Where do I even buy those?

Eric was at Babies R Us this afternoon hoping to find more of the only cracker that she can eat. They've been out of stock since we bought every box almost 3 wks ago. He said he was looking at all the tons of different baby foods and toddler snacks and just felt angry because none of it is safe for her.

It's really hard not to be angry.