Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

I started swimming lessons at a young age, moved on to swim club; competing and helping coach the little kids, gave private lessons, swam on the high school swim team, spent a summer as a life guard and recovered from two of my csections swimming laps.

I feel at home in the water. The smells, the sounds, all of it just evokes wonderful memories for me.

So naturally, I want my kids to be the same way. Ultimately, that will be their decision, but I do want them to at least have the ability to swim. I would love to enroll them in multiple classes, but due to time and $$, we usually only get in one a year.

Katie's was first. She remembered swimming with Daddy last year and was super excited to go again this year! And definitely excited to wear her ladybug swimsuit!

Next was Kelton. His session isn't over until the end of this week and he's trying really hard to pass to the next level!

I'm hoping to take a class with Konny this fall. He absolutely loves the water, especially having it splashed in his face, so I think it'd be really fun!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Review & Giveaway : Peter Rabbit Organics {CLOSED}

When Katie was a small tot, we discovered food pouches. There were several different brands available, Peter Rabbit Organics being one of them. However when it came time for Konny to start eating, we skipped this brand because they didn't offer veggie flavors....UNTIL NOW!

Peter Rabbit Organics is a small privately owned company out of Oregon. They offer 4 varieties of 100% organic fruit snacks and 3 varieties of 100% organic veggie blends. All are free of any artificial ingredients, added sugar or salt.

I often joke that food pouches are a lazy mom's dream when it comes to feeding baby. Konnor LOVES his pouches and has been eating them himself since shortly after he started solids. Katie still eats them when I let her and I have a sneaking feeling that if I offered Kelton one, he wouldn't turn it down. So you can imagine we were pretty excited when these arrived in the mail!

It didn't take us long to gobble them down! Katie and Kelton tried the fruit varieties, which I tasted too...YUM! Konny has never met a pouch he didn't like!

I would recommend these to any mom and I actually think they'll make a great addition to 1 yr bday gifts!

You can buy Peter Rabbit Organics at Babies R Us, and Amazon. Visit Peter Rabbit Organics for a listing of all the available places to purchase their products locally and online.


Peter Rabbit Organics is going to send one of my readers a prize pack containing 12 assorted pouches! US Residents Only, please.

Mandatory Entry:
Visit Peter Rabbit Organics and tell me which flavor you think your child would most enjoy or which is already their favorite.

Extra Entries (leave a seperate comment for each):
1.) LIKE Peter Rabbit Organics on facebook.
2.) Follow Peter Rabbit Organics on Twitter.


This giveaway will end Thursday, August 11th at 10:59 PM CST. A winner will be chosen with and have 48hrs to respond or a new winner will be selected.

Disclaimer: I received free samples from Peter Rabbit Organics for this review. No other type of compensation was received. The opinions expressed here are my own and may differ from other's experiences.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The end of an era

Friday morning, July 22nd, I nursed Konny for the last time. While I really thought he'd nurse longer, my goal was for him to self wean so I just followed his lead.

Kelton self weaned at 21 mo. I gave Katie a nudge at 17 mo since I was pg and exhausted and now Konnor is done at just over 17 mo. That's 4 yrs and 7 mo of breastfeeding under my belt.

Nursing Konnor has not been at all easy...the initial latch issues, the c. diff, the soy allergy. I am glad to be able to eat normally again, but at the same time feeling a little in shock that this chapter in my life is completely over.

While I won't be nursing anymore babies, I'm always glad to give support to friends and family who decide breastfeeding is best for them. It's on my 30 in 30 list to become a certified breastfeeding counselor or maybe an IBCLC. This is something I will always be passionate about and even though I will never again have a nursling, I know breastfeeding will always be a part of my life!


Kelton, 11 months. December 2004.

Katie, 12 months. March 2009.

Konnor, 17 months. July 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our 4th of July fun..

We finally found the new Gluten Free Rice Krispies.

Katie was eager to try them out so we made some
4th of July marshmallow treats.

One of my favorite blogs had instructions for making korker bows and I had to try it! So easy. I think I made 9 all together. Katie is always eager for a new hair pretty. I also love being able to make them for my nieces and other special ladies in our lives.

We all had festive outfits!

Can't forget the nails!

Our neighborhood gets a little crazy around the 4th. We do fireworks every single night for like a week straight! That definitely makes for some cranky kids from all those late nights. It is lots of fun and I especially enjoy the time with our wonderful neighbors, but I'm glad we're done!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Boudreaux's Butt Paste Giveaway Winner!

Usually I'm a night owl, but I was in bed by 11pm on Thursday so I picked the winner Friday morning (only after making sure the starving children were fed). picked #31 - Jacqueline

I've got another giveaway in the works for this month! Exciting!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Konnor's Surgery

Konny was less than 2 wks old when we first saw the urologist and found out he'd need hypospadia repair surgery after he was a year old. At the time, I just put it out of my mind, figuring there was no point worrying about it then. How quickly the year flew by!

We had a pre-op appt about 10 days before the surgery. Everything looked good to go but in order to stay that way, he couldn't even get a runny nose. Seriously! Aren't those pretty much standard in toddlers? Thankfully, (through lots of prayers) we managed to stay snot free.

Katie and Kelton were super excited to spend a few days at Nana and Papa's during this time and as I packed up their things on Mon evening, it all started seeming so close. I was pretty much keyed up Monday evening and all day Tuesday.

When we got home from work on Tuesday, these beautiful flowers and fun balloon were waiting for us from Eric's sweet cousin Katie. What a nice surprise after quite the anxiety ridden day!

Tuesday night was rough on Konnor since he couldn't have anything to drink after midnight, but I wasn't really able to sleep much anyway. By the time we left the house, I was feeling much calmer than I had been the previous day.

We got checked in and they had this little Ty tiger waiting for Konnor. Ty toys all have a birthdate and this one was Feb 13th, Konnor's bday! This just felt to me like a sign that the day was going to go fine.

We dressed Konny in a tiny hospital gown and tried our best to keep him happy while different Dr's and nurses came in to talk to us. They suggested some versed to make thing a little less traumatic when they took him back to the OR. We definitely agreed. It worked quickly and he hardly whimpered when the nice nurse took him back.

The surgery itself was about an hr and 15min. He was only away from us for just under 3 hrs. During this time, I discovered the hospital coffee shop carried almond milk, which is pretty uncommon. I was thrilled to have a latte and took it as another sign the day was going to go well. The only thing that took us off guard was finding out we'd be there all day and maybe overnight. Somewhere there was some lack of communication and we were under the impression we'd be leaving soon after he came out of anethesia. This left us a little unprepared but luckily Eric was able to find a health food store for coconut milk and snacks.

The first time I cried the whole day was when they wheeled him back to us. He was so tiny on the huge gurney and very pale and he hardly moved even when he saw us. I snuggled him up right away. He nursed and had some coconut milk and then just mostly slept. AND vomited. All over me. At that point the Dr was really pushing for us to stay but after several more hours he hadn't vomited anymore and they let us leave.

He slept really well that night and has just done great ever since! We thought we might get away without any of the lortab, but it's kind of hard to make a toddler sit still. After playing all day, he was a little uncomfortable and it helped take the edge off.

He was super happy when the other two kids came home. He and Kelton are definitely buddies!

We were worried that the surgery would be a little set back with him walking, but it hasn't at all. It hasn't stopped him from rocking out to Justin Bieber either!

Words cannot express how comforted and blessed we felt by all of the prayers, emails, texts, gifts and good thoughts! I know without all the love and support this would have been a much more difficult experience. XOXOXO