Monday, August 13, 2012

My 3rd Grader!!

I keep thinking sending Kelton to school is going to get easier, yet it never does! Especially this year! As a 3rd grader now, he goes to the grade school, which is an entirely new building! I was just getting comfortable with the primary school!

Last night as I was getting the last few things ready for his backpack, I noticed a picture one of my friend put up on facebook. She'd decorated her daughter's door with streamers and balloons for the first day of school. What a fun idea!

Since Kelton is in the basement, instead of doing his bedroom door, I decorated the kids bathroom door.

After all the obligatory picture taking, I drove Kelton to school. I always reschedule my 8am patient so I can take him on the first day. I alsoalways hold his hand. Today, he didn't think it was necessary. I have a feeling that next year I won't even be walking him in. ::CRY::

Of course, he already loves the grade school and had a great day, so we celebrated with some ice cream!


Jamie Kaufmann said...

Awwww, so sweet. He looks like he will be just fine, mom. :) Thanks for the streamers idea. I may have to do this, even if it's just homeschool.

momof4 said...

Way to go Kelton! I can remember when I met his and he was just 2 years old. Man does time fly!