Monday, October 26, 2009

Booing and Pumpkins!

We were a bit bummed when we found out our doctors did not recommend that 2 asthmatics who just got over the flu hang out at a corn maze/pumpkin patch, but we made the best of the weekend and had a great time!

Kelton was super excited to "BOO" the neighbors again like last year. He was out of school on Friday, but it didn't turn out to be a very nice day and we were planning to wait for Saturday afternoon. However, when we made up the bags after Katie was in bed that night, I thought it would be fun for just he and I to secretly deliver them in the dark. We left our bags of goodies on our neighbor's doorsteps, rang the doorbell and RAN!

Headed out!

Enjoying some warm hot chocolate. I also required a neb treatment after running around out in the cold.

Saturday we went to a pumpkin stand in front of one of the grocery stores in town. They had tons of pumpkins and I'm sure it seemed huge to the kids, who had no idea they were missing out on going to a real pumpkin patch.

On Sunday, Nana and Papa came over for a visit.

Of course, Nana brought presents. Katie's daycare was closed today, so she stayed through this evening to hang out with Bugs. She even had dinner ready when we got home from work, which was so nice. We're also very fortunate that my mom lives so close and provided lots of TLC and meals during our run-in with the flu.

We had lots of fun carving and painting pumpkins!

The finished products!

Before all the painting, Katie was wearing one of her new fall outfits, complete with matching bow (made by SandraBees!). We got so many compliments on it at church. I always say, Katie looks so cute in their clothes, Gymboree should really pay us to wear them!

Yes, they will be required to wear matching jammies until
they move out of the house!


Your Sister said...

there wasn't even a happy birthday to your favorite neice comment!!!
:( :(

Layla is wearing her skelly's tonight!!! LOL we are bringing them saturday so they can all match so wash yours!!!

Tara said...

They are both so dang adorable. Sorry that you guys aren't feeling well and hope you are on the mend.

t. said...

love the photos! sounds like a lovely weekend!