Monday, March 1, 2010

2 Years Ago

Two years ago, I was feeling pretty much the same way I am right some pain and madly in love with my new little baby. Things were difficult from the start and just got harder as time went on. The crying, the dr visits, the crying, the medication, the crying, and the tests. Did I mention the crying?

Through all of this there was also plenty of smiles, laughter, dresses and hairbows! Each day makes us love her more. She's definitely an intense firey little lady and also about the cutest thing we've ever laid our eyes on.

Our little Love Bug turned 2 on 2/22! She definitely makes our lives so much more interesting! Her party was supposed to be on 2/13, but that is Konnor's bday now. We rescheduled for 2/27, but those pictures will have to be another blog. On her actual bday, we let her have puppy chow for breakfast and cookies for a morning snack.

Like I said before, she's a firely little thing lately and has been in a "don't you take my picture" kind of mood.

She also had her first Starbucks drink...a tall apple juice...full strength, not watered down!!

I managed to finish up her 2nd year video just a couple hours before the party. It was mostly done, but I definitely needed to add pics of her being the cutest big sister ever! I was attempting to upload it to this blog, but it's giving me fits, so that will have to wait as well!

You'll have to settle for a couple sweet shots of our little angel baby instead....


Lisa said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Katie!! Yay for straight apple juice! LOL.

The Curtis Family said...

Happy birthday Katie!! Now your Feb. will be action packed like ours is!! LOVING the pics of your sweet baby boy too! Enjoy your time off with goes too quickly!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

OMG, PUPPY CHOW! i can make this dairy/peanut free! brillian, thanks for the idea!!! it's my favorite! woof woof!