Friday, December 31, 2010

My next 30 years

What is it about turning 30 that gets everyone (including myself) all riled up? How am I already 30 anyway? Didn't I just turn 24? I definitely look at least 30 (thank you Buggy!)

My first 30 yrs have been full of magnificent highs and some heart wrenching lows. Glorious life affirming moments and moments when I wondered if I would really survive. Yet here I am, definitely surviving and overwhelmingly blessed with a caring husband and 3 beautiful children. While that is more than enough for me, I have a list of 30 things I'd like to do in my next 30 years.....which hopefully will be more than enough time to cross them all off and then some!

1)Work on a Habitat for Humanity house

2)Go skydiving

3)Visit Ireland

4)Get my child passenger safety technician certification (CPST)

5)Volunteer regularly at The Lord's Diner

6)Build a fire in the fireplace by myself

7)Renew our wedding vows

8)Take a hot air balloon ride

9)Move towards becoming more self sufficient; grow more of our own produce and continue to rely on venison for most of our red meat

10)Pay my respects at ground zero

11)Go on a mission trip with my kids

12)Have a family food fight

13)Become a certified breastfeeding counselor

14)Distribute blankets to the homeless

15)Make hummus from scratch

16)Volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House; set up jars to collect soda pop tabs and regularly donate homemade meals

17)Schedule in a monthly date with Eric AND keep it

18)Learn to crochet

19)Spend a day ringing the Salvation Army bell at least once every holiday season

20)Donate my services at KMOM

21)Camp at the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival at least one more time

22)Shoot a really big buck

23)Learn to french braid

24)Run a 5K, specifically The Race for the Cure

25)Start a support group for families of children with food allergies in the Wichita area.

26)Convert my spice cabinet to all organic spices

27)Take lots of big family road trip type vacations and visit places like Gettysburg, the Grand Canyon, Arlington Cemetery, and Mount Rushmore

28)See Celtic Woman in concert

29)Attend a Nascar race (with Kelton)

30)Continue to strive to reduce our carbon footprint


Jennifer said...

Welcome to the club! ;) 30 is awesome!!! I love your 30 things list! :) Happy Birthday!

Angela said...

Many of these are on my list too, so if you would like a partner in crime, let me know. I already paid for a class for #18, I just have to schedule it and I would be happy to help you with's easy, we could mark that one off your list in one day!! Happy 30th Birthday, have a fabulous day!!

The Shanks said...

Sounds like a great list! Have a wonderful birthday!

The Curtis Family said...

That is a good list chica! Have fun with your next 30 year adventure! I hope you have a great birthday! My 30th was very eye opening and life changing in a very positive way. I feel like I have grown immensely in my 30s so far (with much more to come hopefully!) Enjoy---I hear it gets even better in the 40s!

pom. said...

Yeah, srsly - 30 is awesome! 31 felt weirder for me. haha.
I love your list! I love other people's lists in general. You're an awesome mama and wife and all around good person! *sniff!* hahaha. Can't wait to keep on reading. :)

nana said...

Have several of your items on my list as well - but being twice your age, I better get busy! The mission trip with the family sounds awesome!!

Lisa said...

#31 - be featured on "Extreme Couponing"

Seriously though, I LOVE your list. It's very inspiring. I know that your 30's are going to be even better than your 20's! You are an incredible mother and your beautiful family is a testament to that.

t. said...

what a great list. i can't even remember my 30th birthday! lol. i love getting older though.

momof4 said...

Looks like you will keep busy! Some of those look like great V-day idea from a hubby. ;)

April said...

Great list :) If you were closer, I would teach you how to french braid.

My 30s have been the best years of my life. I hope the same is true for you :)