Monday, December 5, 2011

That's why it's called hunting....

and not killing.
Because it's not that easy!

We went back to Nana and Papa's over the weekend with high hopes of bagging 3 deer early on and relaxing the rest of the weekend. That's not even close to what happened! We sat out for 2 hrs Fri evening, in a thunderstorm Sat morning and then at least another hour on Sat evening. We didn't see anything! Talk about disheartening! There weren't even fresh tracks after the rain.

We decided to try once more on Sunday evening and walked up on some does. Did you know 7 yr olds aren't very good at sneaking up on anything? Hmmm, we know now! E and I crawled through a muddy field to a fence for a shot and the deer were still about 100 yds out. I took aim at the one doe I could see well. She was looking right at me and wouldn't turn broadside. I shot anyway and missed completely. I don't know if it's because I was wheezing more than breathing or if I pulled up when I shot. E tried to make me feel better by saying my rifle probably got knocked out of sight. He shot once and then his gun jammed up. It just wasn't our weekend.

Poor Moosey, he was so excited. He was pleased though to have a close encounter with a coyote.

He did get in a little Target practice while we were there.

And of course, they all enjoyed spending time with Nana and Papa.

Hartzell even found us!

We're hoping to go out hunting again this weekend...
with better luck!


Retired teacher said...

That is one traveling little elf! He really gets around! We did have fun - hope you guys can get a couple of deer this weekend! Kelton looks great in his camo :)

t. said...

fun! better luck next time. :)

momof4 said...

Hope you get one next weekend! Looks like the kids still had fun.