Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The much anticipated Princess Party!!

We are just simply amazed at how much Katie has grown this past year! She is such a little girl now, not so much a toddler anymore.

On her actual bday 2/22, I had planned to get her pictures taken, go to Build a Bear and then get her nails done after naps. Thanks to a lovely stomach virus, I only felt up to hitting the nail salon that day. She was a little nervous at first, but warmed up quickly. She told me, "I wanna go again" as we were walking out the door.

We rescheduled the pictures and Build a Bear for Saturday, stopping by Starbucks while we were out since Buggy kept telling me, "I just can't live without it."

I tried really hard to convince her to make the St Patrick's Day bear, but she insisted on the peace sign bear, with a St Patrick's shirt and Hello Kitty panties. Being the frugal lady that I am, I just have to mention that our Build a Bear excursion only cost us $7.
I love coupons!

Sunday was the big party and while I had visions a hippie chick themed party, Miss Katie knew immediately she wanted nothing but princess decor! It was fun, but just let me say, I am super glad that this was our last party for the year!

Every treat we served was gluten free. It was so cute when Buggy looked at all the treats and went to grab a pretzel but first asked..."This safe for me?"

Speaking of gluten free, I hit the jackpot at Dillon's over the weekend. I spent $44.96, but saved $47.49 and included in that was 10 boxes of honey nut Chex for only $1.29/box!! AND for buying those I have a $3/any purchase for my next visit. I love that Chex has made the majority of their varieties GF and I hear buzz in the GF world that Kellogg's Rice Krispies will soon be GF too! It's about time!

On Monday, we took leftover party supplies and cupcakes to daycare for Katie to share with her friends. I was really happy to have these cupcake papers and toppers that I'd gotten for free so that I didn't have to make any.

Now maybe I'll have some free time to do some projects for myself and try some new recipes!


Lisa said...

She is a PRINCESS! The video made me cry, of course. It's amazing how much she has changed. That's a super cute lady bug umbrella she has ;)

I see many trips to the nail salon in Katie's future!

AF_wife said...

I LOVE Kirdorable!
So funny that she asked if it was safe for her! What a good girl!

She's a little diva :)

I have some coupons for Chex if you want them! I think it's like $0.85 off one box!

The Shanks said...

so fun! she looks like a happy happy girl!

t. said...

you're creating quite the little diva there! lol

and are those muddy buddies i spy? yum!

nana said...

The GF treats at the party were awesome!! and she had a perfect princess party!! not to mention all of the princess gifts!! My how our little princess has grown.....

Brandy Cuevas said...

Mya was looking at these pics as I was trying to read it. All I really heard was "That's MY Katie!" :)

Mya LOVED the favors she brought home! She has been playing with them ever since. Thanks!

Katie is so super sweet! When I went to Deb's the other day she told me "Konnor is my baby" lol!

Glad the party was a hit! It's hard to believe she is already 3!

momof4 said...

Love you new picts! She has grown up so much this past year it's hard to believe that she is already 3.

Tina Michelle said...

Oh such a sweet princess!! I love all the decorations and the build a bear looks so fun.