Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dillon's Shopping Trip 11/4

It's been forever since I posted a shopping trip, mostly because I don't have time to take a picture! I did snap a quick pic (minus 2 organic green peppers) of last weekend's grocery shopping though because it really shows how I shop.

I don't go out and buy 100 pkgs of ramen noodles or beanie weanies because I can get them free. I don't have 100 deodorants stashed under my toddlers bed. Every closet I own is not full of shampoo, shaving cream or fabric softener.

I stock up when something's on sale. I try to use a coupon for every single item I buy. I try to save my coupons to use during a sale. There are also times, I just buy what I need, when I need it.

I was actually pretty proud of this trip, considering all 3 children were along for the ride. The total was $28.15 before tax, with my total savings (according to the receipt) $53.26. It wasn't the best money saving trip I've made, just normal every day shopping. Extreme couponer, I AM NOT.

Things like the Honest Tea, I got because they were super cheap (.25). Things like the hair mousse and Enjoy Life cookies, I don't even know how much they were, just that we needed them (I did have coupons though).

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momof4 said...

Wish we lived closer! I'd babysit your kiddos so you could shop for me.

You're awesome!

I just glad when I can save 15-20%.