Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peter Rabbit Organics - New Flavors!

The Peter Rabbit Organics family of fruit and veggie puree snacks has grown to include five new and nutritious flavors! These yummy, kid friendly pouches help parents squeeze more fruits and veggies into their kid's diets.

The addition of the new flavors, brings the popular line to a total of 11 delicious flavors including:

Peach and Apple – New!
Banana and Apple – New!
Pear and Apple – New!
Pear and Pea – New!
Pumpkin, Carrot and Apple – New!
Apple and Grape
Mango, Banana and Orange
Strawberry and Banana
Pea, Spinach and Apple
Sweet Potato, Corn and Apple
Carrot, Squash and Apple

Peter Rabbit Organics pouches contain a generous 4 to 4.4 oz. serving of 100% USDA certified organic fruit, with no added sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients and provide 100% of the recommended servings of fruit and/or vegetables for kids.

Peter Rabbit Organics don’t require refrigeration before eating and come in BPA-free resealable pouches for easy packing. Plus, the convenient, squeezy pouch (with a no-choke cap) makes it fun and easy for little hands!

Visit Peter Rabbit Organics for a list of all the places to purchase these great pouches locally and online.

Konny loves Peter Rabbit pouches was delighted when this box arrived in the mail.

I've never seen this boy turn down a pouch. I have to admit, I like them too! They really are great on the go treats for busy Mommies when there's not time to run the blender for a smoothie.

Disclosure: Peter Rabbit Organics provided samples of the new flavors to us free of charge. The opinions expressed here are my own and may differ from other's experence.

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