Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kelton is 9!

On Jan 23rd, Mister Kelton Patrick turned 9.  I can hardly believe it.  I love watching his personality develop into an older boy, instead of my baby boy.  It's so funny to watch him with his friends and all the silly fun they have.

Kelton was really looking forward to his party this year because I agreed to let him have a few friends spend the night.  He and Konnor had a tummy bug earlier in the week and then right before his party, both Eric and I came down with it also and we had to postpone.  Such a sad little man, but my mom treated him to dinner and a fun weekend at her house.

He was super excited to take dirt and worm cups to school for his birthday and then two days before....enter virus #2.  Yep.  Right in a row!  Poor Kelton was sick on his bday!  Luckily, we have awesome friends and family who called, sent candy, balloons, text msgs, cards, emails, etc.  It definitely mad his bday memorable for reasons other than being sick.

We were still able to take the treats for his class on Friday and then Saturday was the long awaited party!!

It was a beautiful day so the kids had a lot of fun playing outside.

This was last weekend.  Katie and I went to her friend, Savannah's party today.  Konny's bday party is Saturday.  Our friend, Braylee's party is the next weekend.  Then Katie, the following weekend.  Whew!  We'll be all partied out by the time March rolls around!


Heather T said...

What cute pictures, and what a lot of balloons. My girls would be so jealous!

momof4 said...

Happy Birthday Kelton! Looks like you had a fabulous birthday party day! It's hard to believe you'll be double digits next year.