Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 8th Bday, Kelton!

Eight years ago today, I was handed 9lbs 8oz of baby and life has never been the same! Overall, Kelton has been such an easy going fantastic guy. We do have a little "talking too much in class" issue, but he's also so smart and we are super proud of him! Not to mention, he's a great big brother who adores his Buggy and Bear.

Since we got our smart phones last year, Kelton has been all about angry birds. He loves to play and decided he really wanted an angry birds themed bday party. Not too hard considering how popular the game is and of course with the help of pinterest.

I made angry birds invitations, a banner, a cake, and bean bags to play real life angry birds! Thankfully I was able to reuse part of Konny's bday banner because the little signs and the beans bags were very time consuming!

Notice in my rush, I put his name up wrong! Oops!

Like always, we made sure all the treats were safe for all 3 kids. I think marshmallow treats and puppy chow have become a bday party staple at our house. Thanks to Mimi for making the gluten free, soy free chocolate sheet cake. YUM!

He received tons of fun gifts. Although he does love his new games for the Wii and DSi, I think he was even more excited that Uncle Pete brought him over some jalapeno cheese deer sticks!

He's sharing angry birds cupcakes with his class today (they're not bake sale material, but the kids will like them) and tonight, we're taking him to dinner at Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse. He can't wait until they throw shimp at him to catch in his mouth!

to the smartest most handsome 8 yr old boy I know!


McKenzie said...

CUTE!! I was sort of considering doing angry birds for Jaxson's birthday in October! He is sort of obsessed with them. You did a great job!

Emmarose903 said...

That all looks amazing!!! Ethan is obsessed with Angry Birds and I think I want to make some beans bags like that for him for his birthday in May. in fact, if it's an Angry Birds party, I may volunteer to make the cake... :)

What all did you do to make the bean bags?

pom. said...

Beebs was looking at this with me and was like ANGRY BIRDS and then as I scrolled down she said HEY, look at that big boy! ha. She said it with this kinda weird "country" accent. ha.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Kelton! LOL about the banner.

Retired teacher said...

Kelton is such a special guy! He always has hugs for Nana and Papa every time we see him! But HE is a loving bird!! Cute party... all the kids had a fun, fun time! and the treats were great.

momof4 said...

Happy Birthday Kelton!!!! It's hard to believe that he is already 8!

Leandrea at Coupons Are Great said...

Best party ever!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I want to steal your photos for a crafty post. :-)