Monday, March 5, 2012

Katie's Birthday!

It's hard to believe our colicky non sleeping
{beautiful} little baby girl turned 4 on Feb 22nd.

Over this past year, she's really blossomed and come out of her shell. She's into princess everything, her babies, coloring, and bossing Konny around.

We've made a tradition in taking each child out for a special bday treat or dinner with just mom and dad. I recently found out that Wheat State Pizza has gluten free crust and bought a Groupon especially for the occasion! Katie loved having pizza from a restaurant for the first time ever! Afterwards, we went to Kohls because the princess insisted she needed a new dress for her party on Saturday (and it didn't cost us anything after coupons!)

I had orginally planned on just purchasing some Disney princess invitations but Katie said she really wanted me to make them, so I whipped up some glittery Belle dresses just for her!

They matched perfectly with her banner I reused from last year!

Her other banner was super simple, just circles and hearts.

What took the most time was the tulle wands and they were totally worth the effort. Katie was absolutely thrilled with them. I will definitely make these again!

The birthday girl was very specific in her requests for gifts this year. She asked Mimi for a new ladybug swimming suit and asked Nana for an orange leotard. Of course, both gma's were happy to meet these requests!

Nana also made Katie a quilt for when she moves from her toddler bed to a bigger bed (probably sometime this summer).

Other gifts included mostly princess items
and a !bike! from mommy and daddy.

Of course, we had rice krispy treats and puppy chow. Aaaand, a cake fit for a princess! All gluten free and soy free, of course!

My little beauty enjoyed every bit of it!

The other little beauty at the party was wearing one of my old favorites from Katie's closet.

Miss Braylee is the cutest little thing and we all love it when she comes over (although I'm not sure Jasmine would agree!)

After the party was over, we still had a little more fun with (one of mommy's favorite things), matching jammies! There was even a pair for Braylee!


No Nonsense girl said...

That's soo awesome. She's such a little cutie. what a doll.

momof4 said...

Happy Birthday Katie! We loved your party pictures!

Theresa said...


Leandrea at Coupons Are Great said...

I love everything about this birthday party. We would totally rock at planning birthday parties together. Your tulle wands are fantastic!