Sunday, March 16, 2014

Katie's 6th Birthday!!

I seem to have gotten a little behind again but now it's Spriiiing Break and I have no box tops to cut and no lunches to pack, just lots of fun and relaxing to be had with the kiddies!

Katie had a bit of a unique birthday theme this year.  Donuts.  Yep.  She wanted a donut party and for all of her friends to wear their jammies.  So that's what we did!  My friend Amber Dawn designed an invitation for it that was just perfect!

Thank goodness for pinterest!  It's always so easy just to create a board and start pinning ideas for the party!

The first game we played was tossing bean bags through a big donut!  Then Katie opened her gifts.  Afterwards we played another game where the kids had a eat a donut off a string, keeping their hands behind their backs.  It was so fun!

Her unique idea turned out to be a super fun party!  She loved how everything came out and all her little friends had fun too!

I have to say I was the most proud of my goodie bags.  I always scan the holiday section at Walmart when things clearance out after the holidays are over to pick up little trinkets for bday goodie bags and school parties.  These only cost .35 each to make!


Tina Michelle said...

What a super fun idea!

Retired teacher said...

All the kiddos had a great time with lots of food for all! I know Katie had a very happy birthday!

momof4 said...

What a fun party idea! It looks like everyone had lots of fun. I can't believe Katie is already 6!