Monday, April 16, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Ballerinas

We had orginally planned on Katie playing soccer this spring, but didn't realize she was a few months shy of the age cutoff. Luckily the rec center was offering a new class called Itsy Bitsy Ballerinas. Since we've had spotty success on getting her to participate in tumbling, I wasn't sure how she'd do.

I am happy to report that she loves dance class. Like seriously, LOVES it. She's doing well remembering her positions and is a very attentive student (and probably the only bitsy ballerina to have worn a different outfit to every class).

If she continues to do well and really enjoy dance, we want to look into taking her to a studio to further her skills.

The only downside? We're going through tights pretty quickly! Poor girl was super upset when her white pair got snagged.


Retired teacher said...

I bet she is adorable in class. Glad you found a class she loves. Cute leotard too!

Karin said...

She looks darling in her little outfit and pigtails!