Monday, April 30, 2012

Earth Day 2012

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we finally got around to getting our garden started. Even though actually, it had already started on it's own! Lots came back from last year.

We decided to leave vining plants in the bed. We put the tomatoes and peppers in pots. We plan to use some gutters for onions, spinach, lettuce and herbs.

We did have to thin the bed a little and the kids had fun hauling it to the composter.

Our niece, Acacia was with us for the weekend. She and Katie had tons of fun together. When digging up some plants, we found a worm. They named it rainbow.

We also uncovered a snake and a centipede!

Sunday afternoon was spent at immediate care after Konny fell and bit though his tongue. Blood doesn't bother me and obviously blood in the mouth is something I'm quite used to, but when it's pouring out of your baby's mouth, it's a bit unsettling! Kids are so resilient and the mouth heals very quickly, so thankfully his suffering didn't last long!

We did end the day on a happy note with our traditional Earth Day dessert...dirt and worm cake! Mmmmm!

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Leandrea at Coupons Are Great said...

Everything about your Earth day looks perfect! Seriously!