Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Pinewood Derby

The Boy Scout Pinewood Derby was at the end of February. (Guess I'm a little behind in my blogging!) In keeping with his current obcession, Kelton made his car into the yellow angry bird this year. He did very well and advanced to the district race, but it's the same day as a soccer game and he opted to play soccer.

E helped Buggy make a car this year too to race in the Outlaw division (for siblings). It was a pink ladybug decorated with sparkly hearts and rinestones.


momof4 said...

Way to go Kelton! Your car looks super fast and K-man loves the angry birds theme!

K-sis and K-baby thought Katies car was so beautiful. I bet they both had fun creating cool cars with Daddy.

Retired teacher said...

The cars were classic! Kelton was so proud of his car and Buggys was so "her". Hope you had a beautiful easter.

A. Osterhout said...

Great cars! You blog is such a great mix of life and a joy to read, I am passing on the Liebster Award to you!
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